Our Vision
Our vision is to be recognized by the community as the first place to turn for superior legal services in a comfortable and collaborative environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the personalized practice of law and the diligent pursuit of solutions that benefit our clients. We deliver legal services effectively and efficiently.We value being an integral member of the Brentwood community. We dedicate ourselves to taking care of clients from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they walk out.
About Alvis Quashnock and Associates A Limited Liability Partnership
At Alvis Quashnock and Associates, we provide full legal services to the community of Brentwood and surrounding cities.
Located in East Contra Costa County, Brentwood is a growing community just enough off the beaten path to maintain that well-loved small town feel; however, as part of the San Francisco Bay Area, residents are able to enjoy metropolitan amenities. Partners Amy Alvis and Marie Quashnock both love their community for exactly that combination, yet they feel it is important for those metropolitan amenities to be in their communities and not a drive away over the hill.
The building of a law firm with a variety of legal services for our community is the first one of its kind in Brentwood. We understand that people like to do business where they live and that they like to be treated like their business is important. With our more recent relocation to historic downtown Brentwood, we have brought our business to the heart of our community.
Alvis Quashnock and Associates (and its predecessor) has been named Best of Brentwood consistently since it opened its doors in 2010.
In 2016, Alvis Quashnock and Associates decided to expand and open a San Francisco office and offer quality legal services to our clients who have business and real estate interests in San Francisco and the Bay Area.


Amy’s family moved from upstate New York to San Jose, California when she was 8, back when “there were still cows at the end of my street.” Amy attended college and law school in Chico, California. There she interned as the director of the Family Law Project division of the Community Legal Information Center and thereafter worked her way through law school as a Family Law and Personal Injury Paralegal. As a graduate of Cal Northern School of Law and passing the State Bar, she transitioned from a paralegal to an attorney in the personal injury field for a very traditional – long established law firm in downtown San Jose. However, as a new attorney and new mother, Amy was eventually presented with an important decision regarding the balance of work and family.Amy chose to put her career on hold and to stay home full time with her growing family.
Amy and her family relocated from San Jose to Brentwood in 2001 for many of the same reasons others have found Brentwood to be their home. It is a great place to raise a family, the community is warm and inviting, and the housing market gave them more bang for their buck. As her husband, Andy, was already working in San Francisco, Brentwood was the perfect place to plant their roots. After several years, Amy was ready to return to her legal career and knew that she was not willing to sacrifice the time she was able to have with her family and her community volunteer work. The concept of a job over the hill or in the City was out of the question. Sheknew she wanted to start her own law firm and work for herself. After learning and mentoring under a Certified Estate Planning Specialist for two years, she began a new practice area for her in the Estate Planning field. After those two years, she took the leap to return full time to the practice and hang out her proverbial “shingle.” Right around that time, Amy met Barbara Frantz, her first partner, and they discovered that they both had a solution to the other’s challenge. While Amy was looking to open and grow a law practice, Barbara was looking for a way to wind down and sell her practice. It was a perfect opportunity for both. With the continued mentorship of Barbara, Amy was able to come into an established law office, bring back her other love of family law practice, and grow the practice into the firm it is today.
In 2012, Amy was introduced to Marie Quashnock and who eventually came into the firm as a Partner and from there, the two continued on their plan and a new type of Brentwood law firm began to take shape.
Raised in Montreal, Marie has dual American and Canadian citizenship. After obtaining two law degrees from McGill University -- French Civil Law and a J.D. -- she and her husband moved to Los Angeles in 1990, where she worked at a Century City firm doing entertainment litigation. In 1992, Marie and her husband move to San Francisco, which felt more like home to them, and Marie continued working at various litigation firms in the City, focusing on insurance coverage, real estate and civil litigation. After the 2008 real estate bust, she joined a securities class action litigation firm and put her extensive insurance and real estate experience to work pursuing Wall Street firms and mortgage lenders following the financial crisis.
When her youngest son started high school, Marie and her family moved to Brentwood for a more relaxed lifestyle. The combination of the commute to San Francisco was extremely difficult, so Marie decided to join a local firm. After seeing Amy in the 2012 Best of Brentwood, Marie reached out to her.

The Partnership

Together, Amy and Marie balance each other. Their different energies and practice styles complement each other. While they each focus on their respective practice areas, they have each other and other attorneys on staff to provide a diversity of legal services for a broader demographic.
Amy and Marie are both passionate women dedicated to their staff, their clients, their families; and their balanced lives.