Financial litigation of all types demands knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel. Nearly any type of disagreement can escalate into litigation. When that happens, you can depend on us to help you resolve your dispute through negotiation, mediation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), or trial.
Our services include:
Business and Commercial Litigation
We are experienced in handling civil litigation and dispute resolution before all California courts and administrative tribunals, including:
• disputes regarding the sale of a business, including asset sales and stock sales;
• breaches of contracts and contract disputes of all kinds;
• breaches of fiduciary duties and misappropriations by officers, directors, shareholders managers or members, as well as trustees and executors; and
• litigation involving the dissolution of corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, partnerships and sole proprietorship.
Real Estate Litigation
We help you resolve disputes regarding the sale of residential and commercial real property, including escrows, real estate fraud, nondisclosure, and rescission of purchase contracts. Our experience also includes disagreements between owners such as boundary disputes, nuisance and trespass, adverse possession, prescriptive easement claims, partition actions and quiet title actions, as well as mechanics lien foreclosure actions, stop notices and bond claims in construction cases.
Collection of Notes and Loans
We can help you to pursue collection of personal and business debts, including all types of promissory notes and loans — both secured and unsecured — and obtain accountings of sums owed. As well as, we can assist you in obtaining cost-effective pre-judgment remedies which often can lead to an early resolution of your debt dispute, including receiverships, writs of attachment, writs of possession and injunctions.
Landlord/Tenant – Unlawful Detainers for Landlords
We can help owners and property managers navigate the myriad of issues that arise from your lease arrangements. Whether it involves an eviction, a rent dispute, the enforcement of a non-monetary lease term or an unlawful detainer, our firm has the skill and experience to handle all aspects of such litigation.
Intellectual Property Litigation
When disputes arise, we have extensive experience in representing parties in lawsuits concerning the confidentiality of trade secrets and the enforcement of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. We also litigate trademark and copyright disputes on behalf of our clients.
Trusts and Probate Litigation
When disputes arise during a probate or a trust administration, we represent parties in lawsuits concerning the fiduciary obligations of personal representatives and compliance with trust and wills.