Employment Law

We are here to solve your legal challenges in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship, including the formation of the relationship, compliance with all laws during the course of the relationship, and ending the relationship. We provide advice and counseling so that employers may be proactive in avoiding the many pitfalls found in the minefield known as California employment law.

Best Practices

Assistance with proper classification of exempt, nonexempt, and independent contractor workers; and reviewing overtime pay calculations; OSHA investigations and citations; preparation, development or assessment of workplace safety programs; risk assessment; and preparation of personnel manuals.


Drafting and analysis of all types of agreements that include trade secret restraints and/or confidentiality provisions; and training employees on policies regarding confidential information, non-competes, and the like.

Employee Discipline and Termination

Guidance related to discipline, terminations, and all other aspects of personnel management and policies; preventative measures for avoiding employment-related liability; defending employers or representing employees in claims of wrongful discipline or termination; at-will employees or those with employment contracts; includes claims under breach of contract theory, either written, oral or implied; a public policy theory; or a statutory theory.

Employment Agreements

Drafting or reviewing executive and individual employment agreements, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, severance agreements, consulting agreements, independent contractor agreements, and similar documents.

Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment

Advice, counseling, and representation related to all forms of prohibited workplace discrimination, including race, gender, age, disability, religion, color, and national origin under both federal and state law; SB 1825 sexual harassment prevention training; responding to and/or investigating claims of sexual harassment; preventative measures to avoid sexual harassment; and advice and representation for employees sexually harassed.

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